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Coffee Soap

Benefits of Coffee in your skin The coffee grain produces physical welfare as well as it has multiply benefits that have been applied to skin treatments.

Skin Peeling: The granulated texture of DOUCHE CAFÉ SOAP is effective to smooth the rough zones of skin as well as to model and smooth the stratum conium of skin and it's a powerful vasodilator. The application as a massage activates the circulation due to substances that compose it, it has an stimulant action over the free radicals and it that way it metabolizes the body's toxins.

Invigorating: DOUCHE CAFÉ SOAP is ideal as an ant cellulite treatment, it decreases the serum liquid that is in the muscular tissue and cavities, it renews the inactive cells and reaffirms the skin acting over fat accumulations, stimulating its detoxifying properties and its diuretic power, it is an excellent product against cellulite leaving a firm skin. The application as a massage that activates the circulation, deletes the stretch marks and models the problematic fatty zones like the belly, the thighs, the buttocks or inner arms.

Energizing: The coffee not just improves the skin but the mood of mind, as well as red fruits are the most used energizing, the well known coffee does it too. Besides DOUCHE CAFÉ SOAP achieves a similar action through skin absorption. The cosmetics known by its energizing effects stimulate the endorphins, well known as "hormones of happiness", cerebral neurotransmitters that generate a welfare sensation.